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WORK HISTORY - 1970 1974
Cheshire County Council
Position: Work Study Engineer, O & M Officer

In 1970 he joined the late T. P. Shermen (TPS) at the Management Advisory Unit in Cheshire County Council (CCC) following an open entrance examination the Council held to recruit industrial engineers.

His initial projects were developing incentive schemes based on work measurement for dustbin men,agricultural workers, road sweepers, hospital ambulance crews, motor mechanics, gardeners, building workers, etc.

In the late sixties the CCC had obtained IBM magnetic tape and card processors and used them for specific applications. At this time Clerical Work Measurements were being introduced in several departments of the Authority and by 1973 the need to incorporate output from these machines into existing incentive schemes was necessary. Several officers failed to provide cost effective measurement systems and TPS asked Francois to develop a new technique. Francois using several existing techniques developed the Equivalent Square Inch Grid (E.S.I.T.’s) which was subsequently used by several organisations. The use of the grid led to the development of further word processing applications and the establishment of a word processing team.

T. P. Sherman wrote O&M in Local Government in 1969 at a time when local authorities were just modernising themselves to new business practices. Francois remembers fondly all the encouragement TPS gave him during his early years and many anecdotal stories attributed to TPS (nicknamed Paddy). One of these is when told he was dying of an incurable disease he is alleged to have said "That is good because I can only afford my current lifestyle for six more months"


Papers Published by Francois Jones
Books (Books co- authored by
Francois Jones)
Audio Visual Scripts
C.I.T.P. Chartered Information Technology Practitioner
F.I.M.C. Fellow of Institute of Management Consultants
C.M.C Chartered Management Consultant
F.C.M.I. Fellow of Chartered Management Institute
F.I.O.D. Fellow of Institute of Directors
M.B.C.S. Member of British Computer Society
F.M.S Fellow of Institute of Management Services
M.I.M.I.S Member of Institute of Management Information Systems
F.C.I.P.D Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel Development
F.InstAM Fellow of Institute of Administrative Management
A.C.I.M. Associate of Chartered Institute of Marketing
Barlow & Jones
Articled Accountant
Royal Engineers
H. Samuel Jewellers
Retail Manager
Cheshire County Council
Work Study Engineer, O & M Officer
City of Bradford Metropolitan Council
Principal Officer – Office Automation
Business Information Techniques
Unibit (Holdings) Limited
Managing Director
Unipro (Software) Limited
Managing Director
3R Software SolutionsChief Executive Officer
OxyCloud Software Limited 
Chief Executive Officer
(2010- To Date)

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