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WORK HISTORY - 1965 1968
Royal Engineers
Position: Sapper
  Francois and team resting after building the medium girder bridge
Francois to the left 1966
Building a medium girder bridge with
two troop 7 Field Squadron on army
manoeuvres in Germany

Francois joined the Royal Engineers on the day after his seventeenth birthday in 1965 and served for three and half years.

He completed his initial training as a Combat Engineer and as a tradesman, became a Carpenter and Joiner, Store man and Water purifier. Amongst the many things he did in the army were; ski, fly a glider, jump out of helicopters, mountain climbing, canoeing and nearly every sport such as rugby, soccer, cricket, cross country running, athletics, etc.

He was part of a display team which toured Europe and built medium girder bridges in world record time. His regiment supported the Special Air Services on a number of tours and several other infantry regiments.

Francois Skiing in Kranzigg in Austria
Francois skiing in Kranzegg, Austria, where he obtained
his skiing certificates with the 12 Infantry Brigade group.

He was a member of the team which won the BAOR (British Army of the Rhine) First Aid Competition (which involves carrying a 15 stone man across an assault course). As an athlete he finished in the top five in the BAOR cross country championship and was offered a place to train with the British Olympic cross country ski squad which he declined.

Francois with Paul Firman to the right
Francois in front of a 'pig' a small armoured vehicle.
To his right Paul Firman, one of the 'Terrible Twins'
who features in one of Francois later novels.

Francois inside the Armored Personal Carrier which has got stuck in a ditch
Francois peering from the centre of a APC
(Armoured Personal Carrier) which got stuck on
army manoeuvres on the East German
border during the Cold War.
Francois later learned to drive this vehicle.

Francois second from the left in patrol in Germany
Francois (second left) dressed for battle shouldering a
SLR (Self Loading Rifle) with a gas mask and
ammunition pouches with members of Two Troop
on border patrol on the East/ West German
border during the cold war 1967.


Papers Published by Francois Jones
Books (Books co- authored by
Francois Jones)
Audio Visual Scripts
C.I.T.P. Chartered Information Technology Practitioner
F.I.M.C. Fellow of Institute of Management Consultants
C.M.C Chartered Management Consultant
F.C.M.I. Fellow of Chartered Management Institute
F.I.O.D. Fellow of Institute of Directors
M.B.C.S. Member of British Computer Society
F.M.S Fellow of Institute of Management Services
M.I.M.I.S Member of Institute of Management Information Systems
F.C.I.P.D Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel Development
F.InstAM Fellow of Institute of Administrative Management
A.C.I.M. Associate of Chartered Institute of Marketing
Barlow & Jones
Articled Accountant
Royal Engineers
H. Samuel Jewellers
Retail Manager
Cheshire County Council
Work Study Engineer, O & M Officer
City of Bradford Metropolitan Council
Principal Officer – Office Automation
Business Information Techniques
Unibit (Holdings) Limited
Managing Director
Unipro (Software) Limited
Managing Director
3R Software SolutionsChief Executive Officer
OxyCloud Software Limited 
Chief Executive Officer
(2010- To Date)

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