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Three thousand five hundred years before the birth of Jesus a land existed which was called tWay which had a ruler Geb who ruled wisely with his life Nut, who was also his sister. When he knew he was dying he divided the land between his two sons. Osiris the elder being given the richer lands of Ta-Mehu of Lower tWay which stretched from the Mediterranean to the region South of Fayoum Oasis and Set being given Ta-Shemau Upper tWay the remaining land which stretched along the Nile to Elephantine. His daughter Isis was to marry her brother Osiris, as was the custom in the royal household and the other sister Nephths was to be married to Set to rule alongside him.

Set is jealous of his brother and seeks to have him poisoned but the plot fails so he asks his chief advisor Ammon to find a way to lure Osiris into a trap where he can be killed. Ammon after consulting his wife Fouada decides to tempt Osiris with two temptations. First, the beautiful Nefertiti is sent to Ta-Mehu to visit her sister Tadinanefar and she invites Osiris through a maid to sleep with her if he ever comes to Ta-Shemau, Secondly, Ammon has a golden and bejeweled coffin made and a tournament arranged at which competitors will compete to lie in the coffin to see who it fits. Set then invites men from both countries to come to El-Kab, the capital of Ta-Shemau to compete for the coffin.

Thoth, a captain in Eblan army, is sent by a General he has cuckold to deliver an insulting message from the King of Eblan refusing to pay any tribute. Set is impressed by the bravery of Thoth and decides to recruit him to help in the attempt to assassinate Osiris when he comes to El-Kab.

Osiris who is a superb athlete is tempted by the challenge of the competition in El-Kab and sees the girl Nefertiti as a bonus to the challenge, so in spite of the danger decides to travel to Ta-Shemau.

The competition pits Osiris against the best athlete from both countries in events each day over a period of three days. Each event is carefully constructed by Thoth with a trap to ensnare and kill Osiris, but in spite of this Osiris using almost super human strength and skill, wins every event. Thoth therefore resorts to poison and kills Osiris at the moment of his triumph when he wins the ‘Coffin of Destiny’. Set then has Osiris hacked to pieces and the parts scattered across the country and starts planning to invade Ta-Mehu. But Thoth in spite of the danger decides to switch allegiance and take some of the body parts in the ‘Coffin of Destiny’ to Osiris wife, Isis.

Isis devastated by the death of her husband reveals to Thoth she is a virgin and the rumor she is with child is groundless. Thoth persuades Isis they should mate and she should flee to Palestine whilst Thoth reclaims the remaining parts of Osiris’ body.

In Palestine, Isis seeks refuge in Jericho with Thoth and her followers. Close to the birth of her child the newly formed army of tWay led by General Jabir and Set land in Palestine to capture the city of Jericho and kill Isis and her unborn child. Thoth and Isis flee the city with their followers whilst David the leader of Jericho decides to fight the invading army of Set.

Horus the foretold Messiah is born in Bethlehem under the guiding star and three wise men tell them Herut the leader of Jerusalem is killing all newly born babies and their mothers to please Set who was now conquered Jericho and is sacking Palestine.

Book One concludes with Isis fleeing with Thoth and the newly born Horus to Nazareth where her followers create the ‘Eye of Horus’ as sign of their allegiance to the new Pharaoh of Ta-Mehu. The ‘Coffin of Destiny’ which now contains the mummified body of Osiris with a golden penis, is claimed to have fathered Horus and becomes a talisman for the Horus followers.

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David York, the leader of the Sect which guards the Jesus Blood Line and Holy Grail meets with his newly formed world council of regional leaders and discovers somebody is searching for the ‘Coffin of Destiny’ in Palestine.

The Pope meets in the Vatican with Cardinal Castellano to hear who should be the new Cult leader, a secret organization which protects the teachings of the Roman Catholic doctrine. The Cult destroy any evidence and kill anybody who may prove that Jesus was really a man and not the son of God. Cardinal Castellano recommends his nephew Gino Bellini who is secretly also head of the Castellano crime family.

The Castellano family have being using church funds in risky investments and the Pope wants the money returned with very large interest, but in return for Gino finding the ‘Coffin of Destiny’ he will allow the funds to be used by the Castellano family for a further year and Gino agrees to find the coffin and destroy it.

David calls Susan Nester a Sect member and persuades her to get her father Benjamin Nester to start reading the scrolls the Sect has hidden in Switzerland which contain information about the ‘Coffin of Destiny’.

David York and Gino Bellini meet by chance in Nazareth when the pair is involved in a fight with boisterous graduates from university. They agree to meet up the next time David is in New York.

Gino has been investing in high risk property loans and sells these to banks and decides to use the funds to invest in off shore oil projects. Knowing of a rich oil find he blackmails the owner Bill O’Brien to sell him shares in the company in exchange for suppressing embarrassing photographs of his daughter Pat Wiseman.

David travels to his Los Angeles to find out why his secret oil investment has been sold and meets with Senator George and Pat Wiseman. The couple is surprised when Bill O’Brien also joins them and David explains the shares sold by Bill are actually his investment. Book Two ends with David telling them he will find a way to get back the shares and find the ‘Coffin of Destiny’ but needs to go to New York to meet Benjamin and Susan Nester.



The people of the Ta-Mehu did not accept the rule of Set, as the Ta-Shemau court used his rule to replace all the influential positions that controlled Ta-Mehu with people for Ta-Shemau. Even Jabir, the General who had reorganized his army had been replaced by Set. Unrest also broke out in Ta-Shemau and Set was forced to return to his homeland to impose his will on his people.

Thoth changes his name to Joseph to hide his identity and Isis and Joseph marry and become a contented couple living in Nazareth. News arrives about the situation in Ta-Mehu and Isis and Joseph decide to travel to Memphis to evaluate if they can raise support for the Regent to be replaced with the infant Horus.

When Joseph arrives he learns the army officers of the old Ta-Mehu army are unhappy with the Generals Set has appointed to lead the army and so he recruits a core number to help him seize power of the army and the court of Ta-Mehu. With Isis restored as Queen Regent and Horus as the Pharaoh, Joseph  sets about rebuilding the army and introduces many innovations to modernize the army, in order to defend themselves against a future Set invasion.

With the army modernized, Joseph persuades Isis to invade Cyrene, the fabled city of the Atlanteans for which the ferocious Scythian women warriors fight. Bluma, the Scythian women’s leader tries in vain to persuade the Cyrene leadership to negotiate peace with the invading army but the headstrong General Atia refuses. Using the ‘Coffin of Destiny’ and Horus as a talisman to inspire the army the Cyrene army was defeated. Bluma joins the army of Ta-Mehu with 1,000 of her ferocious warriors and becomes a second wife to Joseph.

Following a short period of peace during which the Ta-Mehu court and army absorb many of the Atlanteans technology and ideas, Set invades Ta-Mehu again with an over whelming force.

The conclusion of Book Three is the deciding battle between the army of Ta-Shemau led by Set and the army of Ta-Mehu led by Joseph.



David York travels to New York and meets Pat Wiseman at the hotel he is staying at and has a brief affair to annoy Gino Bellini. David further disturbs Gino’s equilibrium by beating him at a game of squash and then having him secretly given mild food poisoning at his favourite restaurant.

Whilst Gino is recovering, David disappears from New York and goes secretly to Boston, where he locates a long lost group of Sect members who are concealing the ‘Coffin of Destiny’.

David then triggers a series of events which will return his oil shares and ruin the Castellano family and destroy the reputations of both Gino Bellini and Cardinal Castellano.

With nothing to lose Gino Bellini uses a secret informer from within the Sect to obtain the location of the ‘Coffin of Destiny’ and the book concludes with the Sect and Cult fighting for the coffin; in a winner takes all.


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