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Character Descriptions: -

There a lot of characters in the book and I describe the main characters below.  These are divided into the present time in Books Two and Four and the historical Book Books One and Three in 3500BC.

Osiris and the gods of Eygpt

Osiris and the gods of Eygpt

3500 BC

tWay Court

a) Geb

Geb is the Pharaoh of tWay, father of Osiris, Set, Isis and Nephths. Married to his sister Nut, he ruled wisely and nearing his death divided his land between his two sons Osiris and Set.


Ta-Mehu Court

a) Osiris


Osiris was tall perhaps five feet eight, with broad shoulders, a thin waist, muscular biceps and triceps, strong legs all perfectly proportional. He had a golden tan which glowed with health and his head had his hair of gold cropped short.

A magnificent athlete, scholar and military man he had never been bettered in any endeavour. Many people believed him a God for his perfection.

Osiris inherited Ta-Mehu, the Lower Region in tWay from his father Geb and married his sister Isis as was the custom in the royal household, but the marriage was barren.

Against the wishes of his wife and advisers he travels to El-Kab in Ta-Shemau to compete for the “Coffin of Destiny”.

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b) Isis

Isis is the daughter of Geb and marries her brother Osiris when he is made Pharaoh of Ta-Mehu.

A beautiful woman in her twenties, Isis gives birth to Horus, the Messiah that the world has been waiting for over four thousand years.

Isis and Nefertari

Isis and Nefertari

Isis and Set

Isis and Set

Osiris at Abydos

Osiris at Abydos

c) Thoth/Joseph
Thoth Eygptian god of wisdom

Eygptian god of wisdom

Thoth Egyptian god

Thoth Egyptian god

Thoth Eygptian god of writing

Eygptian god of writing

The son of a disgraced nobleman and distant relation of the King of Eblan. Thoth joins the army at fourteen and rises in the ranks to become a Captain in the Eblan army. He was sent as an envoy to Set to give an insult as revenge for having sex with the wife of General Heru.

A large man standing five feet eight inches, with a broad powerful chest, and huge biceps and triceps. Fearless and headstrong he becomes an ally of first Set and then Isis.

Thoth’s looks deceive, hiding a cunning and skilful brain in both military and commercial dealings. In order to hide his identity he changes his name to Joseph.

d) Quaashie

Quaashie was of noble birth and tall and thin and walked and talked slowly and regally, he never forgot his place in society or that of his master the Queen Regent Isis.

As chief adviser, he relied heavily always on other people, particularly Rashidi and he was always careful to reward them well in exchange of their absolute loyalty.

e) Rashidi

Rashidi as the assistant to Quaashie held no bitterness towards Quaashie for taking the credit for all his plans and work. He was a low born servant, not very good looking, small in stature, fat and even though he bathed often and applied scent to his body he often smelled. Women avoided him and men despised him for his quick brain, so he had few friends and lots of enemies because of his position. He adored women and Quaashie provided a steady supply of nubile slaves for Rashidi to plunge his small prick into which was as often as he could. He had no technique, guile or intimate gestures for these women just quick furious sex from frustrated giant of a man housed in a tiny body.

f) Tadinanefar

Slave girl in Osiris’ household in Ta-Mehu who shares Osiris’ bed sometimes and is also the sister of Nefertiti.

g) Panhsj

Nabian man servant to Osiris who died eating dates poisoned by a slave sent to kill Osiris.

h) Bes

Hunting servant to Osiris and sometimes lover. He accompanies Osiris to the competition in Ta-Shemau for the “Coffin of Destiny”.



Ta-Mehu Army

a) Hakim

At forty five, Hakim a career soldier becomes the commanding officer of the Ta-Mehu army, after organising an uprising by his fellow officers.

b) Heru

Son of Hakim about 20 years old, he becomes one of the Generals leading the specialised Chariot Division of the Ta-Mehu army, following the takeover of the Ta-Mehu army by officers.

c) Ikandar

A devote follower of Horus, Ikandar participates in the uprising of officers and helps seize power of the army and is promoted General.

d) Kushi

An officer in the Ta-Mehu army he is related to Makil, a former General in the Ta-Shemau army who he helps join Ta-Mehu army as a key adviser. He is both punished and rewarded for his trouble, becoming a General in the Ta-Mehu army.

e) Ptah

A devote follower of Horus, Ptah participates in the uprising of officers and helps seize power of the army and is promoted General.

f) Sayyid

A devote follower of Horus, Sayyid participates in the uprising of officers and helps seize power of the army and is promoted General.

g) Makil

A General in Ta-Shemau army appointed by Set, he is about to be killed in an uprising by Hakim and fellow officers when Kushi, his relative saves him.

As an adviser on the Ta-Shemau tactics in warfare devised by Jabir and Set he joins the Ta-Mehu army as a General and changes his allegiance to Isis.

h) General Semerkhet

General Semerkhet of the Ta-Mehu army was a large man, nearly six foot and built like an ox, very broad shouldered with large muscles. He spoke very quietly, was slow to lose his temper and he considered things slowly but was usually right.

i) Deputy General Menes

Deputy General Menes of the Ta-Mehu army was the deputy to General Semerkhet. Menes was small in stature and wiry. Immensely brave he would fight any man and would triumph often with speed and guile. He was quick witted and loud. Was  sometimes brilliant, but occasionally completely wrong. He had once picked a fight with his rival Semerkhet and that had been a mistake and all his guile could not prevent a sound beating.


Joint tWay Army

a) Jabir

Jabir is the Deputy Commander of the Ta-Mehu army when Set invades Ta-Mehu and seizes power.

A brave and clever General Jabir reorganizes the joint tWay army for Set and has all the retired and useless Generals killed and replaced. He leads the campaign to Palestine, but is later replace by Set as Commander

b) General Panhsj

The Commanding General of the Ta-Mehu army following the amalgamation of the two armies by Set.

A large man of muscular build he took pleasure in taking other lower ranking officers’ wives for sex.

c) Huwayda

Huwayda was the Regent appointed by Set to rule the Ta-Mehu court in his absence. Married to Nephthys, had one son Ramesses.

Huwayda and his wife abuse their position as Regents raping and killing any who opposed their rule of Ta-Mehu.


Ta-Shemau Court

a) Set

Pharaoh of Ta-Shemau in tWay the Upper Region of Egypt. Set was a large at five feet nine inches tall (175cm) of muscular build, honed from daily vigorous exercise. He had a very white skin and a mane of golden hair which he wore long. He always wore a scorpion crown to keep his hair in place and many feared him because of his fearsome appearance.

In his early thirties he had inherited his throne from his father Geb and married his sister Nephths but was childless in his marriage.

Set was a man of vast appetites with a passion for life and power and his impatience was legendary. Since boyhood his elder brother Osiris had been the only man in the Kingdom, to be better at sports and war fare than Set. Jealous beyond reason Set wanted to have Osiris killed and seize his Kingdom and wife Isis for his own.

Cyrene Shore


Cyrene Shore

Isis and Set

b) Nephths

The wife and sister of Set.

c) Ammon

Chief adviser to Set. Married to Fouda, the love of his life. He has devoted his life to the service of Ta-Shemau.

d) Zosimos

Zosimos was in his fifties and small in stature. He is the assistant to Ammon as an adviser to Set, Pharaoh of Ta-Shemau. He had always been careful not be the main adviser. Whilst he enjoyed his position he wanted to ensure he was not going to be blamed for poor advice by deferring always to Ammon.

e) Fouada

Wife of Ammon who she married when she was fifteen and he was thirty. A very beautiful and respectful woman, she is traditionalist and follows all the old customs.

Always elegantly and tastefully dressed, she loves Ammon with unbreakable love and respect. But she is barren and childless.

f) Nefertiti

Nefertiti is the sister of Tadinanefar and a slave of Hakim, the brother of Ammon, living in El-Kab in Ta-Shemau. A very beautiful woman, she was white skinned with a slender, curvy figure with long black lustrous hair.

g) Hakim

Brother to Ammon and working as a merchant in El-Kab in Ta Shemau. One of his slaves the beautiful Nefertiti is the sister of Tadinanefar.

h) Benipe

Man servant to Set, Pharaoh of Ta-Shemau. His name means iron and he trains with Set in rigorous exercises.

i) Futon

A maid of the Set court, who is bedded by Osiris briefly during his visit to El-Kab in Ta-Shemau.



a) Kemnebi

A renowned ferocious boxer, standing five feet ten or eleven and weighing eighteen or nineteen stone. As champion from Ta-Mehu he competes against Osiris in Ta-Shemau for the “Coffin of Destiny”.

b) Panashasi

Of similar size to Kemnebi, Panashasi was the champion boxer of Ta-Shemau and also fight Osiris in Ta-Shemau for the “Coffin of Destiny”.

c) Thutmose

An archer in the competition held in Ta-Shemau, for the “Coffin of Destiny”.


Ta-Shemau Army

a) General Nakhte

General Nakhte was the Commander of the Ta-Shemau army as the successor to Nabir.


b) General Ponashasi

General Ponashasi was a general in the Ta-Shemau army called the Barbarian; he was feared for his bravery and ferocious tactics.

c) General Nuri

General Nuri of the Ta-Shemau army was small in stature and slender for a soldier, but his brain was quick and decisive and he was brave to a fault.

d) General Bakari

General Bakari at nearly fifty was the veteran of the Ta-Shemau army but a sound and solid soldier much respected by his peers.

e) Ahmose

General Ahmose was one of the Divisional Generals of the Ta-Shemau army.

f) Eso

General Eso was a General in the Ta-Shemau army.



a) Ahron

The leader of the Cyrene was Ahron and was eighty years old having been the leader for thirty years. He was a man of diplomacy and peace and had no time for war.

b) Bluma

An exceptional leader of the Scythian women warriors of Cyrene. The fabled Scythian women mated with men to produce children but married other women and brought up their children as warriors in a lesbian society. Bluma at five feet ten inches tall was taller than most men. Her shape was however very much a woman with large breasts and hips. Her shape with rock hard flat stomach and slender biceps gave her an athletic but definitely woman’s physic. She was amazingly strong but her greatest asset as a fighter was her mind. Bluma had one characteristic of all great hand to hand fighters, she spotted instinctively her opponent’s weakness and the exploited it in an instant. She was also very adaptable if one tactic failed she could quickly introduce another tactic.

Very inventive, she often made up moves on the spur of the moment, without even thinking. Her weapon of choice was the sword with a light round shield used in the attack formation the Scythian employed, but she was equally gifted with the spear or bow. Bluma had for many years been worried about tWay and the rise of Set in Ta-Shemau and was now concerned at the army being built by Ta-Mehu. It seemed inevitable one of these nations would attack Cyrene so she pleaded with the Council to prepare for war but her warning fell in deaf ears.

c) General Atia

General Atia was the Commanding Officer of the Cyrene Army which had never been defeated in thousands of years; he therefore found Bluma’s anxiety about attacks from tWay amusing as he was confident any attack would be crushed by the Cyrene army.

d) Kadia

Kadia is the wife of Bluma and volunteers to have sex with a foreign General, as was the custom of the Scythian women, in order to become pregnant and hopefully produce a baby girl.

e) Zahra

The daughter of Bluma from her relationship with Kadia like her mother, she was a remarkable athlete and soldier even though she was only sixteen.

f) Nabiti

Nabiti with golden skin and blonde hair was the child of Bluma and Joseph.


Palestine Characters

b) David

David, the leader of the City of Jericho, was in his early forties and a devote Jew following when possible the laws of Abraham. A tolerant man and a servant of his people, he transforms Jericho into a prosperous city were many foreign merchants make their home. He falls immediately in love with Isis when she arrives in Jericho.

c) Herut

Herut is the leader of Jerusalem. Small and portly from excessive eating, he is cruel and cunning. When Set invades Palestine, he immediately strikes an alliance with Set as his vassal and seeks to kill Isis and Horus.


Eblan Army

a) General Ashai

He was the Commanding General of the Eblan army which invades Ta-Mehu.

b) Heru

Thoth’s General in the Eblan army, in his late forties who is often thwarted and cuckold by to the cunning of Thoth

d) Hatshepsut

The wife of Heru, who is only seventeen and very beautiful. Thoth was seen having sex with her by husband Heru, who then seeks revenge.




a) David York

David York was an impressive figure standing six feet, two inches and slimly and athletically built with broad muscular shoulders.  In his late forties, he had a strong face with a closely cropped beard and short dark brown hair with light streaks of gold, which gave his hair a glow.  He was always immaculately conventionally dressed, but his clothes always have some small feature like a slight pattern to differentiate them. A difference that immediately brands the wearer as rich.

Independently wealthy from investments in the stock market the former Special Air Services Officer, spent his time completing charitable projects and bedding pretty women.

Like many heroes, York was very reserved and people found him slightly aloof and cold emotionally. His childhood in English boarding school system had little emotional love and his parents were distant figures in his life. University and Army life were conducted much in the same manner. Always the leader in all endeavours, he had few friends and his female companions were really incidental in his life, until he met Veronica Goldsmith who was now very much his partner.

David inherits from his father John McCallister, the role of leader of the Sect, an organization sworn to guard the Jesus Blood line and Holy Grail.

b) Veronica Goldsmith

Veronica Goldsmith in her early twenties was the daughter of Roland Goldsmith the financial investment mogul.  Tall and slim with blonde, almost white hair she could stop the conversation in any room of men, with her fantastic figure.  She met David York at a charity event and decided to sleep with him to annoy her father. Like many young women, sex was then an adventure to practice. After the meeting with York, Veronica becomes involved with the Sect and becomes his live in partner and falls in love.

A brilliant girl intellectually, she was any man’s equal in intelligence and well read she could discuss literature and poetry in great depth and with passion. Her taste in music was also extensive and she enjoyed classical music and the opera, as well as pop, jazz and rhythm and blues. She also had a great grasp of business and when her father discussed any financial issues was extremely perceptive and intuitively knew the correct decision to take.

c) Roland Goldsmith

Roland Goldsmith was one of the leading city financers and a director of one of leading Merchant banks, which he founded with two other Jewish financiers. Roland was short and fat with a pudgy face. He was always dressed in black pin stripe suits, with a waistcoat and a gold chain, with a pocket watch stretching across his expansive waist. He had no dress sense and always wore bright striped shirts and colourful bow ties, none of which ever matched his suit. When he first married, his wife Vivian tried to colour coordinate him, but eventually gave up, not only on his dress sense, but on everything else about him and the marriage.  Roland (Rolly) to his close friends may be ugly and fat, but he was very rich and used his riches to gain power and control people. Rolly a member of the Sect reluctantly accepts David York and reconciles with his wife and daughter.

d) Vivian Goldsmith

Vivian Goldsmith was married to Rolly, she attempts to change him but loses interest and often returns to alcohol as a substitute for love. She had an affair with David York before her daughter Veronica met him.

e) William Osprey

The keeper of the scrolls for the Sect was William Osprey, a fifty year old Swiss politician from Geneva. As one of the three wise men who attended the birth of the new Messiah, he is one of the key men in the Sect and will shape the future of the Sect as his deputy to David York and heir should he die or be killed.

f) Aaron Wiseman

The European Regional Leader Aaron Wiseman was sixty four and the Sect banker being a direct descendent of Francois Marriot, he controlled one of the largest banks in Switzerland and companies all around the world. Another of the three wise men who attended the new Messiah’s birth, his outwardly Jewish faith, was also an attraction to David as it hid often his involvement with the Sect.

g) Bill Travers

Bill Travers at forty six had been the final of the three wise men to attend the birth of the new Messiah and as chief of the Beothuck Indians not an obvious descendant of the Templars who came to America on 1314. The keeper of the Holy Grail he is the leader of North America from his new home in New York. On a daily basis he also had the task of guarding the infant Messiah and Mary and Joseph.

h) Ignacio Rossi

Ignacio Rossi was the South America’s Sect leader and was forty three years old and a close friend of Bill Travers. He was of Italian origin whose family had settled in Argentina nearly one hundred years earlier. Ignacio suited his name which meant ‘fiery’ and Rossi the surname which was derived from the Italian Russo for a red- headed person. Ignacio was of medium build on the stocky side but not fat, standing five feet ten inches tall who always wore smart casual clothes rarely wearing a suit. His fiery temper often landed him in trouble and the scars on his swarthy face told the story of his many fights. A successful businessman and generous philanthropist he had been a Sect member from being a teenager and was highly effective. His outbursts hid a thoughtful and meticulous planner who had deep feelings for his fellow man.

i) Yuri Cheramisin

Yuri Cheramisin was the current head of Russia could not have been more different.  Schooled under the Soviet regime as a child he was evasive and mild in manner.  Small in stature modest in his dress, with very little spent on his casual wear and suits from a department store.  He looked and acted like a minor official from a government department, which he had once been.  Yuri Cheramisin his family originally being a member of the Mordivan people of Russia was a self made billionaire of the Russian elite.  His fortune had come like many of his generation, from taking advantage of his knowledge of government and spotting a commercial opportunity.  His had been in telecommunications and the liberalisation of the airwaves for cell phones.  Quickly buying licences for very little and creating paper companies he sold on to other people or the public for a fortune. In fact Yuri never became involved operationally never had offices and only had very few staff. He was a facilitator who took a large margin up front in every deal and then moved on to the next deal.

j) Harika Kudret

Harika Kudret was the head the Turkish Region of the Sect. She had the perfect name as Kudret meant power in Turkish and Harika Lady.  Harika could not be more suited at sixty she looked powerful stocky and strong, squeezed into an elegant designer dress, with blonde dyed hair tied back, her once beautiful face lined from the sun.  She always spoke in a loud voice because she was hard of hearing but refused to use a hearing aid.  She was one of the most successful women in the world and appeared on several rich lists, as well as influential lists for her strong views on women’s rights and education.  A former prostitute which she did not hide in her auto biography, she had made most of her money from banking and oil and several wise investments in technology.

k) Shreya Patel

Shreya Patel was very beautiful and the Sect leader of India at twenty nine with classic features and a slim curvy figure. The most devastating part of her appearance was her dazzling smile of perfect white teeth, which melted all hearts male and female.  Her wealth was all inherited from her family’s interest in steel, coal and manufacturing.  Shreya however was very astute at business and continued to grow the family’s wealth, following her heritance on the death of her parents when she was only nineteen.  Her father Vijay and mother were killed by an agent of the Cult and ever since then Sherya had been hunting and killing the Cult in India.  Her beauty and charm bellied her deep seated hatred and ruthless streak, which made her the perfect head of the Sect in India.

l) Jin Tseng

Jin Tseng was very small as so often the Chinese women are, perhaps only four feet nine inches tall, very slim with a perfect figure maintained by vigorous daily exercise and a careful diet.  She looked perhaps in her early thirties and even younger from a distance, but was in her late fifties.  She was reserved and very polite no matter what the circumstances.  She was the daughter of a Chinese government official who was still alive and in the inner circle of the ruling body of the country and communist party.  Jin (meaning gold or money) had become the capitalist in the family and closely followed her father’s advice, as he always had inside information from his position, close to all decision making in the country.  Jin had been the leader of the Sect for over ten years in China, having joined from university when she was only eighteen, nearly forty years earlier.

m) Liam Brown

Liam Brown the Australasia Sect leader was a typical Australian character or how you expected an Aussie to be, blond, bronzed, over weight with a beer belly, badly dressed in ill fitting clothes with a loud mouth and bad attitude.  Liam had carefully developed this persona to hide a perceptive mind with an iron will to succeed in business and within the Sect.  At only thirty three he was the second youngest regional Sect leader and one of the most outrageous and visible.  All his money had come from pornographic web sites and financial scams which bordered on being illegal.

n) Takuya Kato

Takuya Kato was tall for a Japanese man at six foot three inches and had played basketball in the USA at UCLA, punching well above his weight with his height being short for the sport.  Takuya was built very athletically and still exercised daily and played basketball with his grown up children and grand children even though he was now in his early sixties.  A banker, he owned one of the largest and most influential, having worked in banking all his life, since university.  He got control of the bank through artful and astute investments.  His tactics and long term, slow end game planning, were legendary.  He had only been recently appointed to the Sect leadership in Japan, but had been a member for over forty years.

o) Laurette van Berkel

Laurette van Berkel was from a strong Afrikaans family who had been wealthy for nearly a hundred years.  A very attractive woman with jet black hair and striking features with a dazzling smile, she had now started to gain weight in her late thirties and to lose that beauty that youth had in full bloom. She was the Sect leader for Africa inheriting the position upon the death of her grandfather.

p) Susan Nester

Susan Nester met John McCallister the Sect leader whilst attending York University and became a Sect member. She was distraught when John was killed by Crusader in Newfoundland and moved to New York to get away from the memories of John she found everywhere in York. David York contacts her to persuade her father to help him find the ‘Coffin of Destiny’ and soon becomes embroiled in the quest for the fabled coffin.

q) Benjamin Nester

Benjamin Nester had been one of the world’s greatest theologians most of his life and worked from his beloved desk from his home in Jerusalem. He knew both his wife of thirty years Susan and his daughter Susan were Sect members and he was not surprised when David York contacted him, to help with the search for the ‘Coffin of Destiny’.

Small for a man at five foot seven inches and wiry but fit for a man of sixty he was dressed always in black. He had a kippah the slightly rounded skull cap, long beard and had straggly wispy white and black hair. He looked like what he was, a religious scholar.

r) Crusader

Crusader was a mysterious person who served the Sect as an assassin and enforcer working for the Sect leader.



a) Giovanni Bellini

Giovanni Bellini was exactly how you expected him to look.  He was tall at six feet, three inches, broad shouldered and muscular build which was extenuated by his tight fitting clothes.  He always wore Italian made silk suits and shirts fashioned on the latest designer.  He liked the designer Jane Barnes an American from Maryland because she obsessed over the detail; buttons, cuffs, pockets, collars, the thread used for sewing were all important to Jane.  But Gino in spite of his wealth would not pay designer prices and bought from a small tailor in Rome who copied her designs exactly for Gino to wear.  His shoes were less fashionable and although expensive were built more for combat rather than fashion having steel heel and tips to hurt an opponent in a fight rather than impress them with their design.

Gino did wear casual clothes occasionally but usually wore a suit to everywhere he went.    His golden sun tan and stylish short jet black hair was more suited to a man in his twenties but Gino could carry it off because his aggressive and assured posture.

At thirty three, Gino was the Head of the Cult and the head of the Castellano family business a position he inherits secretly from his gangster father, Tony Castellano.

A bachelor Gino had never married and liked sex with both men and women but preferred not to have long terms relationships.

Aggressive and cunning in all his dealing he pits his wits against David York for the ‘Coffin of Destiny’.
b) Cardinal Castellano

Cardinal Castellano was one of the Pope’s most trusted aids, being a member of the Pontifical Commission for the Vatican City State, who draft the legislation for the Pontiff and have executive powers. Now in his late sixties he was slow to move his heavy frame, but this belied a quick brain greedy for position and power.

One of the Cardinals key roles was to select the Cult leader and he persuades the Pope to appoint his nephew Giovanni Bellini.

c) Arnold Worth

Arnold worth was small in stature at five foot six and fat and overweight with a large paunch and chubby face and hands. His body was stuffed into an ill fitting suit bought from a retail chain, probably on discount which accounted for its lack of any remediable feature. Bad cut, bad colour, bad cloth, bad manufacture. Arnold Worth, Arnie to his friends and ‘fat boy’ to people who did not like him, had no attractive physical features, stuttered, often smelled as he sweated nervously in the presence of everybody, but did have one talent. He was a financial genius. He could make billions appear and disappear, in any set of books and deceive even the sharpest of financial auditors. Arnie was to perpetuate massive financial fraud of behalf of the Castellano family using the Vatican funds as seed capital.

d) Pope John

Tall and slim with pale skin and a pious appearance, which makes all people he speaks to feel humble. Softly spoken and always gentle he hides a razor sharp mind and cutting wit behind his courtesy and humility.

e) Raymond Mason

Raymond was an assassin for MI6 (Military Intelligence 6), he had spent a period seconded to the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) for two years and was based in New York. Tall and muscular he was very capable of killing a man with his bare hands being seventh dan karate champion and a crack shot, having represented Great Britain at the  Olympic Games in the pistol shooting. Highly decorated and admired he was on the fast track one day to lead MI6 when his operative days were over.
Raymond Mason had prepared all his life for the calling from the Catholic Church to be its protector. Unmarried he was celibate and had been so for over sixteen years. He found any human contact contaminated his mind and at the age of twenty stopped all human sexual activity. As well as being martial arts expert, he studied yoga and meditation extensively to train his mind in abstinence and he no longer had sexual desires for any sex.

Raymond was a Cult member and rival to Gino Bellini for its leadership.



a) Rachael Lesley Worthing

Chairperson of the ‘Historical Crusades of Christianity’ with ample hips and liking for the famous Boston cream pie, she met David York at one of her society meetings.

A sect member, she wears a golden brooch of a cross to show her allegiance to the Sect. She is the sister of John Lesley.

b) John Lesley

A direct descendant of Thomas Lesley, (one of the original Templars who came to Newfoundland with Charles de Chevalier in 1314). John runs a jewellery store selling the pentangle and cross which identify Sect members in Boston.

c) Police Sergeant Towers

Sergeant Towers is one of the Sect members in the Boston Sect who helps guard the ‘Coffin of Destiny’.


a) Professor Isemand Abduh

Professor Isemand Abduh is the Professor of Ancient Egyptian History at Cairo University in Egypt.




a) a. George Wiseman

George Wiseman was one of the Democratic Senators for California and in his early forties. Married to Pat nearly twenty years his junior, he was charismatic and charming and a potential candidate for a Presidential nomination.

Of Jewish descent he was very good looking and many were shocked when he married Pat who was a Roman Catholic. He runs into a crisis when he is forced to declare he is gay before he is denounced by his Personal Assistant.

b) Pat Wiseman

The wife of George Wiseman the Democratic Senator for California and daughter of Bill O’Brien, the oil magnate.

Pat was tall nearly six feet and in her early twenties with a fantastic figure, long blond hair and a beautiful face. She was also loyal, caring and very bright, an attractive combination of assets.

c) Bill O’Brien

Bill was married to Rosemary O’Brien and they had three children, one of whom was Pat Wiseman. An oil man all his life, he started his oil company with his lifelong friend Daniel Roberts and a secret investor. He is threatened by the Cult to sell shares in an investment he has in Malawi and seeks to find a way out of the deal.

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