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Character Descriptions: -

There a lot of characters in the book and I describe the main characters below.  These are divided into the present time and the historical Book Two of the fourteenth century;


a) David York

David York was an impressive figure standing six feet, two inches and slimly and athletically built with broad muscular shoulders.  In his late thirties, he had a strong face with a closely cropped beard and short dark brown hair with light streaks of gold, which gave his hair a glow.  He was always immaculately dressed and conventionally, but his clothes always have some small feature like a slight pattern to differentiate them. A difference that immediately brands the wearer as rich.

Independly wealthy from investments in the stock market the former Special Air Services officer, spent his time completing charitable projects and bedding pretty women.

Like many heroes, York was very reserved and people found him slightly aloof and cold emotionally. His childhood in English boarding school system had little emotional love and his parents were distant figures in his life. University and Army life were conducted much in the same manner. Always the leader in all endeavours, he had few friends and his female companions were really incidental in his life, as he did not become emotionally involved. Sex was simply a necessary exercise like self defence or shooting a gun. York was excellent at all of these, just like everything he did.

b) Sam Brooker
  Always out of his depth with civilian clothes Sam Brooker always felt more comfortable in a uniform.  The former Special Air Services soldier and policeman had a burly build and the strength of will to match his build.  His wife and daughter killed by an assassin he seeks the help of his former commander David York to find their killer.
c) Roland Goldsmith

Roland Goldsmith was one of the leading city financers and a director of one of leading Merchant banks, which he founded with two other Jewish financiers. Roland was short and fat with a pudgey face. He was always dressed in black pin stripe suits, with a waistcoat and a gold chain, with a pocket watch stretching across his expansive waist. He had no dress sense and always wore bright striped shirts and colourful bow ties, none of which ever matched his suit.

When he first married, his wife Vivian tried to colour coordinate him, but eventually gave up, not only on his dress sense, but on everything else about him and the marriage.  Roland (Rolly) to his close friends may be ugly and fat, but he was very rich and used his riches to gain power and control people. His wife Vivian was a failure and Veronica his daughter was even worse, but he adored his daughter and tolerated his wife.

d) Veronica Goldsmith
  Veronica Goldsmith in her early twenties was the daughter of Roland Goldsmith the financial investment mogul.  Tall and slim with blonde, almost white hair she could stop the conversation in any room of men, with her fantastic figure.  She met David York at a charity event and decided to sleep with him to annoy her father. Like many young women, sex is an early adventure to practice, however she really  harbours the thought that when she eventually meets the one man who will complete her, the act will be consummated in love and affection.  After the meeting with York, Veronica becomes involved with the quest to unravel the mystery revealed by Sam Brooker and she falls in love for the first time in her life.
e) Professor John McCallister

John McCallister had been the Professor of Theology for over thirty years at York University and had been married only once briefly after leaving Cambridge University to Sara with who he had a son David. The marriage was brief because John was very focused upon his work to the exclusion of all other matters except sex. John had very radical views on most subjects including marriage and sex, all of which over the years had landed him in trouble on numerous occasions.

David York and Sam Brooker seek his help to reveal the secrets of the Sect and Cult.

f) Crusader
  Crusader is the assassin the Sect use to protect the secrets of their society.  Small in stature Crusader appears both as a woman and a man.  Immensely strong Crusader has a strong athletic slim build honed by daily training and kills using poison as well as fire arms and other weapons.
Like all assassins, Crusader has few emotions and is able not to connect with the act of killing a victim focusing merely in the mechanics of the task not the outcome or consequences.
g) Mary Bennett

Mary Bennett is a shy studious eighteen year old studying for her A Levels when she is ritually raped, on a rare night out with her best friend Sally Brooker.  She seeks help from the local GP and he finds a vicar who is willing to give her a place where she can have the baby, away from her loving foster parents, who she is ashamed to tell of her plight.

Many emotions that a young girl would feel in the circumstances surrounding Mary are suppressed by the author. This is because the story is not focused upon the Mary and Joseph relationship but the main characters David York, Veronica Goldsmith and Sam Brooker.

h) Joseph Peters
  Vicar Joseph Peters was a handsome man in his early thirties with a strong face and an athletic body, which he kept in shape by jogging daily and playing hockey on a regular basis.  He had a very calm disarming manner, which put people immediately at ease, and he had dedicated his life to helping people, for which he found the job as a small village vicar very satisfying if a little lonely.  He was attracted to women, but was shy and was frightened of abusing his position with parishioners so he never really pursued any of the normal signs of interest women showed in him.
He meets Mary when Ritchie a Roman Catholic priest who he met through rugby asks if he will help her.
i) Paul Athers
  Paul Athers was the current boss of MI6.  At forty-six he had been a career spy and was a popular and outwardly amiable man, but a deep thinker.  He was tall and slender and quite handsome and rumored to be gay, but no proof existed and he had never publicly announced his sexuality.  David York seeks his help to find out about the Sect and the Cult.


j) Jacques de Molay

The grand master of the Knights Templars was Jacques de Molay and he presided over a vast empire of money lending, which provided knights in the Holy Land with supplies and coin. 

De Molay, was a tall man and fat from lack of activity with a balding pate, long white hair and a long flowing white beard and he spoke in a soft solemn voice, to which people listened.  The guardian of the Holy Grail and the Jesus blood line he was one of the most important men in the Middle ages until Louis IV destroyed the Templars.

k) Charles De Chevalier

Charles De Chevalier was a member of the inner circle of the Knights Templars and entrusted to find a new resting place of the Holy Grail in Newfoundland.

De Chevalier was not a soldier and although brave not a great knight likes Guy De Busson, or a man of great administrative and commercial skills like Francois De Marriott, what he was excellent at was engineering.  He had designed and built many battering rams and towers for scalling the walls of besieged castles and if the truth be known he delighted in their demise so he could build a replacement to a superior design. In the long journey to the Newfoundlands he spent his time dwelling on the problem of how to bury the Holy Grail and keep it safe and at the same time in the future retrieve the body. 

l) Francois de Marriott
  Francois de Marriott was the deputy to Jacques de Molay and was the custodian of the secrets of the Templars and had most of its wealth in gold and jewels. De Molay decided the location of the Holy Grail and the destination of the Jesus blood line.  Switzerland was constantly in conflict with the Hapsburgs so Francis offered his forces services to the conton of Uri whose capital was Zurich when his force arrived in Switzerland.  The keeper of the  vast fortune of the Templars it was his task to recreate the fortune of the Templars in another land.
m) Guy De Busson

Guy De Busson was the captain of the fleet and a soldier of distinction within the Knights Templars and was given the task of guarding the Jesus blood line in a new haven in Scotland. 

At thirty four, Guy was in the prime of his life and had entered the Knights Templars at the age of twelve from a wealthy French noble family.  His whole life before becoming a Knight Templar had been in preparing to become a knight and after the age of twelve in training and fighting as a knight.  He had hardly ever spoken to a woman let alone had sex with her and had easily suppressed any desires with prayer and vigorous exercises daily.  Now in his new life he was being asked to marry and had to struggle with emotions he never had to cope with before in his Spartan unemotional life as a celibate soldier.




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