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Influences to style of writing: -

Francois was very much influenced by other authors in their interpretation and style of writing in various genres of both fiction and philosophy.

Jack Higgins inspired the desire to write novels which were built around a central set of characters which will be repeated in future novels and it is Francois intention that several of the characters will return from the Drug of Hope in a series of future novels.

Francois has always enjoyed the historical sagas of Edward Ruthford, Colleen Mc Colough and Leon Uris and therefore wanted to include an historical backdrop to his novel.  Rather like the film ‘Braveheart’ which portrays the life of William Wallace with several historical inaccuracies, ‘The Gift of Osiris’ does not pretend to be a historical novel based on a accurate portrayal of events rather a series of real events gathered to fit the needs of the story line.

Francois regards the novels of Follet as the author who most inspires the action aspects of the novels as he also has one or two heroes fighting against the odds in geographical and chronological very diverse settings, which is also adopted in The Drug of Hope.

Mario Puzo influenced the way Francois treated brutality, death and power in his novel.  The often indifference being the archetypal portrayal imagined in those who are able to carry out pure evil in the name of some cause.  Socrates concept of ‘wrong doing being based purely on ignorance’ was never more relevant in Francois mind.

The work of D. H. Lawrence very much influenced Francois in his writing of the relationships between men and women and between men and other men.  Whilst Francois does not pretend to capture the explosive aspects of the sex Lawrence achieved with his work Francois was inspired to separate out those aspects we all feel about sex and relationships which are an integral part of all of our lives.


Influences to story line:-

Francois interpretation of philosophy and objective reasoning was inspired by the great philosophers and scientific management gurus and led him to examine the basic beliefs of the Christian religion particularly the Catholic faith.  His conclusions are not unique in finding the concept of celibacy in Roman Catholic priests rather counterproductive in preaching the virtues of family life.  Francois also finds the proposition that Jesus was the son of God but only came 2,000 years ago and God sent no earlier messengers prior to this very unlikely.  Francois also finds it very unlikely Jesus did not marry or have children.  With these many reservations about the majority held beliefs of the Christian faith Francois decided to explore the possibility of alternative realities of the Jesus Blood Line and the Holy Grail. 


The God Theory

We have as mankind developed a number of concepts which describe our world and understanding of mankind. Perhaps the two most important are the concepts of physical matter being a series of atoms and the concept of time with a beginning and end. That being the case we have been unable to develop an explanation of how the first atom was created or how the beginning started other than to say God created them.

All theories of evolution fail on this point and therefore for now our only explanation is the God theory. If we accept this theory we must also accept that God may from time to time in man’s evolution, wish to influence the behavior of mankind.

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The Jesus Blood Line

The Judeo-Christian religions used mainly by western countries were established in the Middle East where savior religions existed for thousands of years before Jesus or Abraham were ever born. Many of the stories in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible re-count stories which can traced to Egyptian and Persian stories thousands of years earlier. 

There are many who precede Jesus who mirror his life, for example Horus (circa 4 to 7 BC) the Egyptian was born of a virgin, had three wise men attend his birth, was born on 25th December, died and was resurrected three days later. This is not unique Mithru who precedes Jesus by 600 BC was also born on 25th December, and was the son of the Sun. The Christian faith rituals are nearly all identical you eat a wafer, have a water baptism etc. The list claimed by many includes Buddha, Krishna, Odysseus, Romulus, Dionysus, Heracles, Glycun, Zoroaster, Altis of Phrygia and many more.

Using a Jesus like figure in literature is of course not unusual, for example, Sydney Carton in ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ (1859) by Charles Dickens and Jim Casay in ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ by John Steinbeck (1939) to name but two, of many are good examples. Who can forget Sydney Carton's animated thoughts “It is a far, far better thing, I do that I have ever done; It is a far, far better rest, I go to than I have ever known", when he is about to be guillotined in order that he saves Durnay.


The Bible

The Bible we know today can be traced to the Council of Nicea which was called by Constantine in 325 AD. Constantine, the Roman Emperor wanted stability in his Kingdom and there were two opposing views, Arianism view which said Jesus was a man and the Nicene Creed which claimed “God from true God… from the Father… not made. It is very clear Constantine himself did not make the decision as he worshipped both Jesus and the Sun God Invitus the Roman version of Mirtha, but the council was adamant only one view would prevail that of Christ being “one substance with God”. The Arian document was destroyed by the council and thereafter all opposition to the God view suppressed. At the time of Constantine some 21 books were acknowledged by Christians but by the time the Bible was created only four remained the others bearing declared heretical.

What is very clear from the eventual process is that the life of Jesus now became very similar to those of a God. But the traditions of the earlier savior religions were maintained the stories repeating themselves through the centuries. It is the author’s view that this is because Jesus and his predecessors were of the same blood line and whilst adapting for more sophisticated cultures through the ages repeated the savior message with similar life gestures to inspire mankind. It is for this reason the author believes a Jesus descendent survives to this day and at the appropriate time will guide mankind. 


The Knights Templar

‘The Poor Fellow Soldiers of the Temple of Solomon’ known as the Knights Templar existed for around two centuries in the Middle Ages from 1129 to 1312. Many of the legends of the Templars and their demise at the hands of King Phillip IV of France are reflected in the book and then Francois extends his fiction to guess what happened as no history or facts are in existence.



Francois therefore claims nothing unique in the use of a Jesus figure in the story line or the Templers only that he puts it into some perspective for a modern reader in an action packed and entertaining novel.

Francois believes questioning and offering alternate views is not disrespectful to the majority Christian view but a healthy way of examining and restoring religious belief in a new and more positive way than trying to force the established view down the throat of a sceptical audience.

Francois hopes he has helped the reader understand the inspiration and concepts which lead Francois to write The Drug of Hope and The Gift of Osiris.  To read more about the literary influences of Francois see the Interest tab and Literary Influences or click here.

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