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  Francois mother Jackie Jones
My mother,
Jackie Jones
My first school photograph aged 5 on 1952

Fancois at the age of
5 in 1952

His mother Jacqueline Eva Maria was from Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland a Catholic who moved to London during the Second World War and met and married Francois George Orfaliar a French National. 

His father had been born in Alexandra, Egypt from a French-Italian family who had business interests all over the Middle East.  On learning of the start of the second world war, Francois left Egypt and joined the French Army and was subsequently evacuated to the UK under General De Gaul and was later transferred to the British Army as an interpreter. 

He was offered and accepted a British passport when he was demobbed from the army at the end of war.

His son Francois Napoleon Orfalier was born in 1947 in the coldest winter in two hundred years in Coventry in Warwickshire, England, which as the UK’s automobile and manufacturing heartland had been leveled by German bombing.

The name Napoleon came from a soldier who rescued his mother when she tried to walk to the hospital but collapsed in the deep snow. The soldier picked up the collapsed mother to be and carried her to the hospital. His father who had been away from home working arrived to find a healthy boy , so hearing of the soldier's kind deed he wanted to name the baby after the soldier.  The soldier instead suggested his military hero ‘Napoleon’ and therefore his family nicknamed him ‘Nap’.

Francois in his Jurcrite Chair in Bradford 1987  
Francois in the
Breakfast room in 1985

He was brought up in a hastily built army style hut which had outside plumbing pipes and drainage above the ground and looked very much like an army barracks which was not surprising as it had been built by the Army to house the homeless after the war.

As a child he walked with his eldest sister Marie Antoinette (Toni) every day to Mass and attended a local state primary school.  The Church was the centre of life for the family and Francois was approached at the age of ten to become a priest but refused much to the displeasure of the Catholic Church and his parents.

  Francois with Ruth, Rachael and Adam on their christening day and Mark
Francois with Ruth, Rachael and Adam
on their christening day and Mark 1985

When he was eleven his father left for Lebanon to visit his mother who was ill and never returned, as a Christian he is believed to have been killed by Muslims but his body has never been found.  The family moved to Wimslow near Manchester to a comfortable semi detached house and his mother remarried Lawrence Jones.  The marriage was at first very happy and he got another sister Lynne and the family name was changed to Jones.  The marriage collapsed suddenly after less than two years and his mother moved them dramatically to a children’s home late at night.  For several months Francois and Toni, his eldest sister had no contact with their mother and like most orphans hoped one day that their mother would come back to rescue them.  They were moved several times and then near to being institualised after several months one day they were collected by their mother from abusive foster parents and they started a new life in a small flat in Cheetham Hill, Manchester.

Francois now became one of the breadwinners of the household with two paper rounds, a job in a shop at weekends and holidays.  His schoolwork was something he fitted into his working day.  His mother worked two jobs not returning to the house until very late every day and working seven days a week.

  Francois in camp in army in Germany in 1967
Francois in camp
in army in
Germany in 1967

At sixteen, Francois left school to become an articled accountant but soon became bored and joined the army at the age of seventeen.  Nicknamed ‘Jonah’ he became the leader of a group of four friends called ‘The Terrible Twins’ and they enjoyed several adventures together until he left the army when he was twenty-one.

With his name abbreviated to Frank Jones, he now spent two years in retail management with H. Samuel the jewellers in Manchester.

He left the retail trade and became an Industrial Engineer working in local government at Cheshire Country Council and then the City of Bradford Metropolitan Council.  He specialised in office automation and helped design the early Word Processing Systems and was involved in several controversial implementations, which resulted in trade union strikes before staff accepted the new technology.

  Francois in Acropolis Greece
Francois in the Acropolis, in Athens,
Greece in 1973

Frank’s early work in Office Automation led to minor celebrity and he became a lecturer and writer on the development of technology in business and co-authored two books and several articles.

From 1970 to date Francois has obtained eleven professional qualifications, covering all aspects of business practice such as industrial engineering, information technology, human resources, accounting, business administration, consultancy etc. these can be seen in the career area of this website.

Francois in Greece
in 1973

From 1979 onwards, Frank built and managed a series of small software companies, which traded all over the world.

Francois latest company OxyCloud Software Limited embodies the latest cloud software technology in an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) SaaS (Software as a Service) enabled product, to learn more about the company click  click here.

He has been married three times and has seven children. He now lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa.

  Francois on a beach in Spain 1987
Francois on a beach in Spain 1987
with the children




  Barbara May Gammons
  Catherine Ann Horkan
  Laurette Engela
  Sheryll Principe Navor

  Simon Edward Harrison Jones
  Adam Francois Jones
  Ruth Francoise Jones
  Rachael Francoise Mackenzie
  Mark Francois Jones
  Jaunique Jones
  Ferdinand Napoleon Holland Mackenzie
  Winifried Francoise Annis Mackenzie
  Maria Selena Francoise Navor Jones

  Literary Influences
  Keep Fit
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