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Francois has always been a very big fan of film and television and unlike many authors sees them as a complimentary form of art. 

As a teenager and young man Francois dated several aspiring actresses in Manchester and found them fascinating, but was never attracted to their personalities even though many of them were very beautiful physically.

When Francois was in his early forties he met the legendary Peter O’Toole at the Leeds/Bradford airport.  Francois was alone in the VIP lounge when O’Toole arrived for the early Sunday morning flight to London.  O’Toole entered his rain coat on his shoulders and strode through the small lounge direct to the bar area very theatrically, a stewardess scampering behind him.  It was about 8h30 in the morning but O’Toole quickly found the alcohol he wanted and finding the only person in the lounge being Francois took his drink (with several more replacements) and came and sat right beside Francois.  Of course Francois recognized him immediately, but before he could utter a word O’Toole began speaking.  He was a fascinating and charming man and he amused Francois for over two hours.  He spoke about his son, cricket he often played indoors, his ex wives, his love of Yorkshire and many more things but nothing theatrical or about his many triumphs in the movies.  When they landed, he took off as though on a mission and Francois wondered, if he was ever famous, would he be as charming and amusing as O’Toole, to a complete stranger.

Francois has many favorite films but if he had to choose only ten, these would be his favorites but not in any particular order. 

Henry V
1. Henry V’ with Lawrence Oliver 1944 with the famous St. Crispin Day speech before the battle of Agincourt.  Francois saw the film when he was about five at school and has seen it several times since.  Francois found Oliver's performance remarkable and the film inspiring.
2. Braveheart’ with Mel Gibson 1995.  Francois saw the movie with his usual companion for movie going at the time his son Mark.  The story of William Wallace and his 13th century battle to overthrow the English oppressor had only one drawback, the torture scene at the end of the movie, which made Francois squirm in his seat.
3. The Alamo’ with John Wayne (1960).  The heroic story of a small band of volunteers who defend a small mission in Mexico against the might of General Santa Anna in 1836.  Francois bought a fake fur hat to pretend to be like the Davy Crockett character John Wayne played and remembers these as the last days of his childhood.
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
4. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning’ with Albert Finney (1961).  Written by one of Francois’s favorite writers Alan Sillitoe the story portrays the rugged life of a rebellious factory worker and his affair with a married woman and a new girlfriend over a weekend.  Francois remembers it fondly as he had read the novel and was devouring the work of all the "angry young men" of the 1960’s.
The Sound of Music
5. The Sound of Music’ with Julie Andrews (1965).  Who can forget the story of a young nun becoming the nanny of the Von Trapp children and how they escape Austria and the drafting of the father into the German Navy.  Francois was 18 and in the army and all his friends thought him mad for liking this Rogers and Hammerstein musical, which he played in the barracks in spite of all the ribbing.
The Godfather
6. The Godfather’ with Marlon Brando (1972).  The story of an aging gangster and how his son inherits the family business.  Mario Puzo had long been a favorite writer of Francois so it is not remarkable he loved the film, that director Stanley Kubrick believes was the greatest movie ever made.
7. Tootsie’ with Dustin Hoffmann (1982).  The story of a failed actor who disguises himself as a woman and becomes a star.  Francois watched it in central Bradford at the Odeon next to the Alhambra Theater, sadly like many vast auditoriums this cinema has closed and now stands derelict, a monument to how cinema used to be.
South Pacific
8. South Pacific’ with Rossano Brazzi and Mitzi Gaynor (1958).  The love story of a young nurse and an older Frenchman who eventually goes on a dangerous military mission set on a South Pacific Island.  Francois saw the movie when it was first released in Manchester, when his mother and step father Lawrence Jones took him and his sister to the movies.  After the movie the sound recording which Francois has to this day was played in the house and made Francois a fan of musicals for life.
9. Titanic’ with Leonardo de Caprio (1997).  The love story of a poor boy and rich girl who meet on the ill fated Titanic which sank in 1912.  Francois was interested in the movie as he had watched the demise of British Ship builders and their Belfast shipyard, which built the Titanic. They were a customer who used his software for human resources.
10. Gladiator’ with Russel Crowe (2000).  The story of Maximus a Roman general who is betrayed and his family murdered by a prince and how he becomes a gladiator and gets revenge.  Francois watched the movie with his children in Manchester when he was visiting his mother.  Francois was glued to this remarkable movie but his mother slept right through the whole movie snoring and at the end remarked how interesting it had been…

  Barbara May Gammons
  Catherine Ann Horkan
  Laurette Engela
  Sheryll Principe Navor

  Simon Edward Harrison Jones
  Adam Francois Jones
  Ruth Francoise Jones
  Rachael Francoise Mackenzie
  Mark Francois Jones
  Jaunique Jones
  Ferdinand Napoleon Holland Mackenzie
  Winifried Francoise Annis Mackenzie
  Maria Selena Francoise Navor Jones

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