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  Francois and Sheryll in the lapa
Francois and Sheryll in the Lapa in the back garden

Francois and Sheryll his fiancé live in a large detached thatch house in a suburb of Sandton near Johannesburg in the Gauteng province of South Africa.

It is in idyllic surroundings with nearby parks and very secure as the Residents Association provide armed guards patrolling the area and very neat and clean as a team from the Residents Association maintain the environment.

The house has an annex which Francois uses as an office and a separate chalet which Francois uses as a Filing Room.  
Francois in the office
    Francois in the Reception
area of the Office Annex
  Francois at the Computer
Server room of the Annex

Internally, there is a large kitchen and breakfast room which is used for nearly all their meals.  
The kitchen
    Kitchen Cooking Area Kitchen Dining Area

The main lounge dining room

The lounge, dinning area and the upper floor are all decorated with the walls in Terrace White with door frames and cupboard in Egyptian Cotton.

The furniture is Iranian with inlaid copper and the chairs are covered in Iranian silk. There are several plate collections on the wall covering such topics as village life in Russia, Russian Legends, Legends of the Snow maidens, Rockwells Light Campaign, Knowles Classic Fairy Tales, etc.

The Lounge / Dining Area    

The first floor is used exclusively by Francois and Sheryll where they have three separate rooms.

Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
  The Main bedroom walls are painted in Luxurious Silk Wild Primrose and the cupboards and door frames in Egyptian Cotten.
The main bedroom has plates with a musical and film theme like the Sound of Music, Gigi, Gone with the Wind etc.   The main bedroom, like all the rooms has a digital TV linked to digital satellite TV channels  

Francois in his study
Francois in his study where he writes his novels
Francois has an extensive
library with
hundreds of books.
  Francois at his desk all his books are hand
written with a pen even though he can
type and uses a computer everyday.

Francois in his private lounge
  The lounge upstairs is where Sheryll and Francois spend most of their relaxing time watching TV or listening to music.
Francois beside his digital TV
and sound system
  Francois in his seating area
of the lounge to his right,
the 200 year old grand piano by Shciedmayer of Stuttgart

There are plenty of room for guests and there are three bedrooms with bathrooms identified by their colors.  All the rooms décor was designed and selected by Sheryll.

Francois in the green room
The green bedroom has a farming and countryside theme with plate collections to reflect this aspect on the walls.

It is decorated with the walls in Parrot Green, the ceiling in Jungle Fever 4, cornices, in Woodland Pearl 4 and cupborads and door frames in Foliage.

The pink bedroom has a flower and chinese theme with plate collections to match the walls.

It is decorated with the walls in Violet Veronna 5, the ceiling in Flamingo fun 4, the cornices, cupborads and door frames in Sexy Pink.
Francois in the pink room

Francois in the blue room
The blue bedroom has an animal theme with plate collections of animals on the walls.

It is decorated with the walls in Celestial blue, the ceiling in Portugese Blue 3, the cornices, cupborads and door frames in Atlantic Surf 3.

Outside thre is a rock pool for Splashing around and swimming.


The swimming pool

The lapa_l

The lapa is the entertainment area, Francois and Sheryll use often to entertain guests with it’s TV and sound system.

 In addition to the main house there is a double garage and servants quarters.

Their live in maid, Fredah has been with Francois since 1999.

They also have a gardener, Fletcher.


Frieda and Standwel in the lapa





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